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The Fart Knight, Day 02

OK, today the Knight 85% done and am finishing small refinements and starting the rigging, skinning & animating after hours. What i had changed, i reduced little the amount of poly & fixed overall the head shape to make it looks funny and heroic as well. Decreased the muscles to make it looks convenient, because the chest muscles before looks like a box 🙂 . The lower part now is much more smaller to give a funny feeling while running & the hood now it bigger to give some feeling if a Knight 🙂






The Fart Knight, Day 01

hi again, after over than a day of working, am still in the knight character modeling. As am the number one in the world who [HATE] to draw or model “Humanoid” characters. Because it always looks strange. So, i though it will be great if i searched for referencers to be able to do the mission. After half a day of researching i got over 400 image of batman, i started to study and check different styles Until i got an imagination in my mind. I started to blocking it and going between different references to have more feeling about the mass of the knight.

Finally i have something to show,this is not the final model, or at least it is the final (looking) of the model, but am still optimizing some stuff and refining some stuff to be easy while rigging and animating it. As a big fan of cartoons & specially Pixar’s like “The Incredibles”, i like the hard edge style of most of the characters plus some screen effects and decided to take it as main reference in some stuff inside my game. For now am still thinking about the final looking of the game, and i found it may be a great thing  i have it grainy black and white  like the  earliy shots in “The Incredibles”  or little de-saturated like some shots from the next video :

So, here the knight character so far & how am trying to achieve with the final looks of the game mood :

The Knight




Black & White



my next title “The Fart Knight”

Hellooooooo again my dear friends, developers and player;

Today am proudly can announce my next game title, and i hope to  it to be a new different way to my games. Usually you all used to see my games as PUZZLE games or even platformers. But my next one will be a RUNNER game. After lots of playing in my phone, i liked several games, And most of them was running games like Pitfall, Subway Surf, Agent Dash, JetPack and the original Temple Run. So, i found it will be great if i give my games another turn now to make different categories as i promised in an early post.

My next game will basically be a runner. But with my own flavor of adding fun to the game play & adding something interesting to make the player enjoy playing. As i mentioned before i like to respect the person who choose to give my game a room of his time & respect that amount of time.This is why i spent lots of years focusing in Puzzle games, because it is the most challenging games for any player. But now I’ll try to have the same result with the same amount of respecting, but with different ingredients and new methods. So, hope me good luck this 10 days in “The Fart Knight”;


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