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Coated Full version in the way !

Hello everyone 😉

After long time of (not) posting anything, i would like to share a quick good news with all of you 🙂 Currently am working in “Coated”, the full version of PC & iPhone. Yea it is pretty much work , but am looks like full time in that job now 🙂 it is one of my favorite games i ever did & i got lots & lots of feedback and people like the game & want to play it more. So, i decided to make the full version of Coated. So, you can keep in touch, i may post each one or two days the updates and tips of making the game have a nice,better gameplay and nice performance too. Keep in touch and give the feed back if you really like “Coated”. Here a screen shot from my iPhone4G while testing.


Note that the game contain +100 level 🙂 with lots of interesting gameplay mechanics, enemies & levels. So, keep tuned for every single new update, i may add one of your ideas inside my full released game with a thank you statement in the credits 🙂 and Yes you will feel a new experience with “Coated” and thank you “Matt” for the changing the icon request 😀 i will defiantly change it in the IOS/PC full release !



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4 thoughts on “Coated Full version in the way !

  1. HorrorBunny on said:

    can’t you speed up the characters a little ..maybe 20% more speed ..

  2. yea, the latest build i did have the character faster, the jump high still the same (at the moment) & it may be changed, it depends on the new Obstacles an Enemies. thanks for your interest.

  3. How did you get the smiley faces to show up?!? I’ve been trying to use them on my WordPress blog (I contribute to http://highfiveelephant.com/) and I can’t figure it out! Help please! And will you have a free version of Coated in the app store? A demo or something?

  4. for the smiley faces i just write it “:” & “)” and it appears after that when i post the topic. The IOS version of Coated still in funding stage, and you can help in that through indiegogo here :

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