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My Personal blog

Hello, am not late that time 😀 just couple of hours from my last post :P.. In that 2 hours i was cleanning my old blog & make it fresh again, submitting new cool wordpress theme to it and making the logo for that post. I found i should podt my own stuff -like freelance & companies work or any other thing i code it like my targeting system- in another blog, not in 10daysGame. As i always wanted this 10days event to handle a full small games or even full big games. the point is make a thing in 10 days only. So, if you can’t find new news here, you can easily check my other blog for news. both are my blogs & I’ll try to post in both 🙂 . Click in the image below to visit it


Note that, the blog have the same name of my old site, which i really hope to get it again someday 😦 i still have the domain 😀 but i lost the data 😦



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2 thoughts on “My Personal blog

  1. cheerleader123 on said:

    that was an amazing blog ,you should keep writing

    • I’ll do. Don’t worry 😉 am just little busy in making a good surprise to my followers. did i said am making “Coated” for the IOS devices ??! i guess i didn’t said yet 😀

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