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Targeting System & AI updates

Hi everyone, Sorry for the long out of posting 😀

In fact, i have some problems in connections because of moving + the internet in China by default blocking WordPress ! Anyway am i had to stop working in TFK because of some freelance work and after that i went back to work in the Targeting System. But after few days i found it will be great if i integrated an AI system too. An AI built from ground and up to match my needs and trying to make it perfect as i imagined. So, now am working in my own AI + Targeting systems & after that  promise i will stop making tools and gameplay techniques and continue making a full games 😉

For the used Language & SDK. At the beginning i got ONLY 2 choices> My choices was CryEngine Or OpenGL. I found working in OpenGL will be exhausting as it will take more time than it need & i will focus in rendering the final result more than focusing in the Algorithm it self ! So i take this choice out for now. For CryEngine which i really like, i found working with flowgraph i sort of limited, and will not give me the free coding or programming environment which i need to make something from scratch. CryEngine is amazing, but sometimes i feel it is already give me everything cool !

So, i started to think about Unity, UDK & Shiva. For Shiva as it is not that powerful i got it out of my mind in that one too. UDK was amazing and the most Powerful thing, Specially with the unreal scripting. But for my current computer 😀 or in another word labtop, it runs so slow..and as we all know UDK need amazing computer to run smoothly..So, i choosed Unity, i can use in my labtop fine & sooth. Plus it can run in my Mac too. and Unity C# or JS have lots of great classes too like unreal scripting. So, it looks like UDK, but less quality & better performance in my current setup. So, hope me good luck in this systems am going to make.


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