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My Personal blog

Hello, am not late that time πŸ˜€ just couple of hours from my last post :P.. In that 2 hours i was cleanning my old blog & make it fresh again, submitting new cool wordpress theme to it and making the logo for that post. I found i should podt my own stuff -like freelance & companies work or any other thing i code it like my targeting system- in another blog, not in 10daysGame. As i always wanted this 10days event to handle a full small games or even full big games. the point is make a thing in 10 days only. So, if you can’t find new news here, you can easily check my other blog for news. both are my blogs & I’ll try to post in both πŸ™‚ . Click in the image below to visit it


Note that, the blog have the same name of my old site, which i really hope to get it again someday 😦 i still have the domain πŸ˜€ but i lost the data 😦



Targeting system Updates & My Latest News

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting everyday. I have no internet right now & as everyone know am in China. WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google and lots of other sites are blocked here in China, I really miss my country where any website is free to use, whatever the content. missing you Egypt πŸ™‚
Anyway, i got today an email telling me that the IOS game i was working in 2012 will be live within 10 days maximum & it had been approved from Apple, Cheers. Yea it was 2d game, added zero expreience to me πŸ™‚ just teaching some people & there was an ugly junior messing inside the project. But this is what the managers wanted :D. You can check the game website, teasers & trailer from HERE.


Going back to my targeting system, am now working in paralleling way in 3d & coding. In 3dsMax (yea, this time not using Maya) am making now the skinning for the character. After that I’ll start to Animate & i choose 3dsMax because of the quick Biped cool features. Because i have lots of MotionCaptureFiles i got from my X-Animation company “Coincide” . Plus using Mixer is more easy & give great results in such movements. So, i found 3DsMax Biped will be great to setup animations for real games in small amont of time comparing to Maya.
In coding area, i strted to draft the inputs of Keyboard & Mouse & hope to have something to show soon. I guess I’ll make such a playlist in my Youtube channel to show the progress of that system.
For the character it self, i found lots of MaxPayne3 resources & found lots of Max styles on the internet. But i really like that one:



Targeting System & AI updates

Hi everyone, Sorry for the long out of posting πŸ˜€

In fact, i have some problems in connections because of moving + the internet in China by default blocking WordPress ! Anyway am i had to stop working in TFK because of some freelance work and after that i went back to work in the Targeting System. But after few days i found it will be great if i integrated an AI system too. An AI built from ground and up to match my needs and trying to make it perfect as i imagined. So, now am working in my own AI + Targeting systems & after thatΒ  promise i will stop making tools and gameplay techniques and continue making a full games πŸ˜‰

For the used Language & SDK. At the beginning i got ONLY 2 choices> My choices was CryEngine Or OpenGL. I found working in OpenGL will be exhausting as it will take more time than it need & i will focus in rendering the final result more than focusing in the Algorithm it self ! So i take this choice out for now. For CryEngine which i really like, i found working with flowgraph i sort of limited, and will not give me the free coding or programming environment which i need to make something from scratch. CryEngine is amazing, but sometimes i feel it is already give me everything cool !

So, i started to think about Unity, UDK & Shiva. For Shiva as it is not that powerful i got it out of my mind in that one too. UDK was amazing and the most Powerful thing, Specially with the unreal scripting. But for my current computer πŸ˜€ or in another word labtop, it runs so slow..and as we all know UDK need amazing computer to run smoothly..So, i choosed Unity, i can use in my labtop fine & sooth. Plus it can run in my Mac too. and Unity C# or JS have lots of great classes too like unreal scripting. So, it looks like UDK, but less quality & better performance in my current setup. So, hope me good luck in this systems am going to make.

My [Max Payne III] 3rd person Targeting System

Hellooooo again my friends;

Am trying now to give a different post to celebrate the new year with all of you πŸ˜€ As i promised in the Other blog, Twitter and Facebook that I’ll make an advanced targeting system like MaxPayneIII. I started to put the main milestones of it last night. I just installed the game again to have it as a reference in hand better than youtube videos. to be able going back and forth between reference and development. I was so lucky to find Max himself character as 3d model. Or at least a character looks like him 90% :D. So, i found it will be a good idea to use it in the test to have a better feeling of it & to have better view to compare it with the original system. I guess I’ll spent more time animating, because I’ll need at least [according to my calculations] 50 different animation clip..! 😦 and of course am not own MOTION CAPTURE at home πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ So, I’ll animate them all 😦 . So, hope me good luck. And the next post will be for TFK animations.


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