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Coated, Day 02

Hey everyone;

Not so long time that time 😉 , i finished all the animations for “Coateee” and make a simple control system for him. Also i added some functionality of Coateee Coating (it sounds strange word i know, but soon you will know what it the converting function do inside my game 😀 ), and some simple functions as well;

here today i started working in the other character ( i was totally forget :)) and it is almost done in modeling phase. But i found a quick tip here as well. So, why not share it with you guys.

While working & after adding the horns to my enemy (unnamed yet), i found it looks like it is behind him, not integrated with the body (like organic modeling guys say). So, i started to move some of my vertices to have the effect that it comes out of the body. But i came to the last two horns in the back & i found less vertices to give that effect. So i just added a couple of edges in my polygons and moved the targeted vertices and it works. What i mean here is how to try as possible as i can to save my memory by reducing the mesh components. It is easy to say, Ok no problem lets add a new subdivision to all the mesh to be able to add details. But for me (as my character have a simple animation) So, i feel free to add subdivisions ONLY in the places i need it, without affecting the skinning or animating process;


i’ll try to finish all the Skinning and animations today, Also all the needed assets. To be able to focus more in the programming side & not going back an forth   between code & poly ;



Coated, Day 01 “round 2”

OK, am here again 🙂 i meant to start working in Coated today, i decided not to wait Until i finish the Ludum Dare. So, this 10 days will not have one game 😀 , we can temporary “called it 10days TWO games;”. I meant to share today that video, yea it is just an idle cycle ! BUT i meant to show the last tip i mentioned in Harmonic, the smooth one. Here you can see all the character is pretty simple and 100% less than low poly ! But only the mouth area i was in need for some subdivision to craft it. So i started to craft it & then added the smoothness later;

Hope you like the new character So far. I decided to have that game as different as possible from Harmonic 😀 this is the main idea behind my event, to make different games 🙂 and i promise not to be late again, my family will not move soon :D. I decided to call the main character in that game “Coateee” , lets check him 🙂


Why “Coated” Stopped !

As i recieved som emails from my lovely fans who were waiting “Coated”. I found i should tell them “you” why the game still not done;

Sorry for stop posting last few days, my family were moving and i was helping in some stuff all the time after my work day & badly i can’t find time to make some progress in “Coated” but no time for posting. I wanted to have all available time to make some progress and prevent that family stuff from straggle my progress & this is what my family looking for too;

May be the progress will be just a small amount by the end of that week as am getting ready to inter “Ludum Dare” the next weekend. Any way, back to coated, i still feel i need to change the game theme. It should be looks like “Harmonic”, but after a long discussion between me, me, me & me, I found i need to change and make each game have it’s own looking.

Hope you like the progress so far & the good news that time, there will be a Mac version of the game, as i got emails and forums replies from people who use mac, they can’t run the windows version with any running tool;


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