10 days Game;

A new indie game each 10 days, by one person

How i get ideas ?

Hey everyone, i got a question more than one. And it always the same question. How i get my ideas ?. I found it is a good time to give a quick post to say thank you for everyone supported “Coated”and to say that am taking couple of days as a quick holiday since i agree the next project idea.
For my idea, i always like to brainstorming my self, even if am alone in the room, i start to brainstorming myself. Some times i brainstorm with my wife. And then start to record all the ideas i got in a very long document 🙂 and after each project i open that document and start choose from my shelf, like am in super market and trying to get the best thing every time :D. So, every time i try to choose an idea which is more unique and may be little harder in developing it. This is why i start to take more time choosing the next game, my document now over 100 idea. And am selecting now between 5 idea, but all are not Puzzle games as i promised. So, hope me good-quick-luck to decide which idea to go that time ;



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