10 days Game;

A new indie game each 10 days, by one person

Coated, Day 08

Hello my precious players πŸ™‚

“Coated” now almost done, the game contain 10-15 levels as well like “harmonic”, In fact am not a big fan of the number 15. But if i made 5 levels, the game is too small, 10 the joy begins. But a number over 10 is a good number to get you inside the game and make you start to love it and able to decide if you want to play it as a big version (100) levels or something, or not;

All sound effects and music implemented, level done & am refining them first and play testing & then i’ll move to my next step which contain making the last two levels. After that I’ll record the gameplay video and prepare some screenshots, and finally upload the game for you. May be i can finish all that in the day number 9 as i have no much work @ work. So, i can push all that in one day i guess.

Here a quick screen shot of my main menu, Hope you like it πŸ™‚


Ans here the-may be- final icon for the game, hope someone can get an idea from it about the final gameplay πŸ˜‰ i guess it is enough to Explain & if it is not.. I guess the problem in You πŸ™‚ not me, i can get the idea πŸ˜›

CoatedIcon - Small



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