10 days Game;

A new indie game each 10 days, by one person

Coated, Day 07

As you can see my great fans 🙂 i was off for two days to finish my Ludum Dare. So, i didn’t do any thing except in”The Filthy Coward”. Today i went back again to my amazing next title “Coated” and started to work again. The game logic, code almost done and now i have the first playable level, i wanted to share how the game looks with you 😀


I did my best in this game to still looks like “Harmonic” but at the same time i wanted it to looks like different game. So, at the end i got something like this image. The same color tone. Now am working in drawing and constructing all the levels. Plus adding sound effects and searching for a cool music or even do it myself;



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