10 days Game;

A new indie game each 10 days, by one person

Coated, Day 04

Hi Again;
may be today i’ll not share any media, or may be for the coming couple of days, as am now working 100% in the core development and coding. Till now all the models, rigging, animations done. Also i have i finished writing 60% of the main logic of the game, but still need to write 40% + writing all the small functions for saving data, adding sound and writing the game workflow to manage loading screens and all that stuff;
The enemies logic refined & 99% completed. Some main sound effects added (about 5) but still need to finish all the sound implementations. Also still looking for a soundtrack to add for the background. If i got more time & finished all that early, may be i can compose my own soundtrack;
More about the game it self & what is the main idea of the game & the gameplay, i’ll write it may be in my first post after the Ludum Dare. So, hope me good luck đŸ˜‰


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