10 days Game;

A new indie game each 10 days, by one person

Coated, Day 03

good morning globe 🙂

Until now what finished so far is: the character control system, 40% of the game logic, all the characters rigging & animations, the enemy simple AI. And still working in : some 3d assets, menus, sound effects & the rest of game logic. Here to share today i choosed the enemy attack animation. It looks better inside the game itself. But any way here the clip :

I got i question about how i choose my ideas to make it pretty fast !

Actionaly i don’t know 🙂 what i know is that i focus in TWO major things whenever i want to start a new game. Am not looking for a new concept or design style or even new way to make assets. As a in core developer- programmer-am searching for GAME LOGIC or GAME MECHANICS, this is the two major things.

For “Harmonic” for example i was focusing in the game mechanics (character control), to have different character with different properties move in one press. But for “Coated” it is pretty different, i was looking for a little complex logic as you will see in the game. what i can say for now about the game logic (i will quote from the game name), it is a game about colors;

BUT, keep in mind am looking for making interesting, new, game people can enjoy playing it & i feel i made something new. And am glad to say that, i have already planned the next two projects which will be published in Jan. 2013 i guess. The first one will focus on mechanics only, but in a new way for me & 85% new for people. But the next project will focus in BOTH, mechanics and logic with a new cool idea. i can’t wait to start ….. 😀



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