10 days Game;

A new indie game each 10 days, by one person

my next title “Coated”

Hi everyone; am back now from my 10hours vacation 😀 😀 i went out, played with my son, visited some places, went back to my country to visit some friends, went to car racing, watched two movies in cinema..Ummm..AM JOKING 😀 i just went to sleep 🙂 on my bed..

Her my first post in the new next 10days title, it will be called “Coated”. for now i have two main characters i had to do..First is the player, & second is the main Enemy. I may-or FOR SURE-will add more enemies later, but one sample of enemies is enough for 10 days to make a simple AI matching the gameplay i designed in my head. But i promise if i have enough time I’ll not be stingy to any of my games;

Here a sketch i did today for the “Enemy” character with my same way of drawing 🙂 in my phone..hope you like it & looking forward for any feedback. Wait more tomorrow. Sorry again if the colors looks little strange but my computer is little bad & i say that because when i check my videos or screenshots or even playable version, i find it looks little blue or even lower sound. So, am apologize again..Sorry;



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