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Coated, Day 02

As all of you can see now, i changed all the characters concept and replaced with new two characters. After i started modeling the main character “the old one” i found it looks bad “i never was a big fan of Oval shapes”. And for the enemy character, i found it looks more enemy than what the game needs, plus it will take more time in modeling & will not match the game theme. May be i use the concept later in a bigger time scale project;

So , am back again with the first character modeled & i have a small tip to share with you guys. First of all here are the character & it is little looks like the “Harmonion” from “Harmonic”, as am not the greatest character designer, but i try to have most of my characters have the same mood. Specially when am working in a very fast workshop like this, i need simple stuff to be able to finish on time;

Ok, what is the tip i want to share ?!

this is the character from your point of vie & i guess in the game it self you may see less than the above picture. So, in case i ahve lots of characters in the level, i may need to reduce “Optimize” the model it self !

What i used to do in such a game, in a platforming games, or any 2.5d game. I DELETE WHAT THE PLAYER CAN’T SEE.

What i mean here, my character is only one side & i manage to make my characters turning from direction to another by only scaling my character on the “X” direction. for example my character normally have the scale of (1,1,1), when he turns he became (-1,1,1). So, what happens here is just a scale but not a real 180 turn. It is a fake one i used to do in any 2D game with the 2D animated assets , and it is pretty lgic to save memory and art assets by re-using the same thing;



Coated, Day 01

Ok, all the concept done now πŸ™‚ this is the sketch of the main character “the player”, I’ll try to be as fast as possible this time because i had to make two 3d characters with 2 riggs and lots of animations .. Ooops πŸ™‚ I’ll not talk to mush as am who really need that time, lets have a look to my concept-i did on the Train :)- Before i go offline:


my next title β€œCoated”

Hi everyone; am back now from my 10hours vacation πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ i went out, played with my son, visited some places, went back to my country to visit some friends, went to car racing, watched two movies in cinema..Ummm..AM JOKING πŸ˜€ i just went to sleep πŸ™‚ on my bed..

Her my first post in the new next 10days title, it will be called “Coated”. for now i have two main characters i had to do..First is the player, & second is the main Enemy. I may-or FOR SURE-will add more enemies later, but one sample of enemies is enough for 10 days to make a simple AI matching the gameplay i designed in my head. But i promise if i have enough time I’ll not be stingy to any of my games;

Here a sketch i did today for the “Enemy” character with my same way of drawing πŸ™‚ in my phone..hope you like it & looking forward for any feedback. Wait more tomorrow. Sorry again if the colors looks little strange but my computer is little bad & i say that because when i check my videos or screenshots or even playable version, i find it looks little blue or even lower sound. So, am apologize again..Sorry;


a 10 hours OFF!

hi everyone, am just posting to let you all know that i decided to take today off, just to rest my self as am daily working 8hours @ work and 10hours @home , and the rest of the day for eating, sleeping, playing with my son, praying and transporting:) . So, i just want to rest my brain for 10 hours only from my screen…i guess in that rest I’ll keep working mentally in finishing the concept and ideas on the upcoming title & I’ll announce it late time today . Hope you are all enjoying Harmonic;


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